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Hey Folks

Welcome to The Aquarium Gazette.  A new and exciting aquarium magazine, which is packed with exciting and creative features that forward the boundaries of aquatic journalism. 

The Editor

David Marshall is a member of the Ryedale Aquarist Society (N. Yorkshire) where he is now in his 23rd year as Secretary. He is someone who is well known to fishkeepers, particularly in the North of England, is a very enthusiastic and experienced fishkeeper, as well as being a Y.A.A.S. ‘A’-class judge.

On the writing side of his fish interest David has written many articles for commercial aquatic magazines, for the magazines of Aquatic Societies and Associations (he is currently the Editor of the Y.A.A.S. Newsletter) and you will find his work featured on many websites - most notably Aquarticles. 


                       David with the Aquarium Gazette information stand                          (Photo by Frank Tolomeo)

The Magazine

The idea for The Aquarium Gazette, or TAG as we refer to it, was nurtured, in the early months of 2008. The original idea was to produce a 'new' bi-monthly aquatic magazine on paper. Along the way the idea arose of creating the U.K.'s first bi-monthly aquarium magazine on computer disc and with the high cost of printing to be taken into account it was decided that the CD version would be the 'final cut'.

To begin the project David was able to call upon the friendship he had built, over many years, with several established aquarium fish writers and photographers and with new friendships forged through North East Aquatics, Northern Tropical News and Petfrd websites the 'call' for contributions went out and the response was amazing. THANK YOU to one and all.

David used his experience of over 20 years writing for and doing Editorial work for various aquatic magazines as a 'good grounding' in putting TAG together and tells us that he finds much pleasure in working with so many talented contributors.

Each Issue of TAG contains around 70 pages At the present time each Issue contains an average of 13 articles.  Most of these articles are being published for the first time and are a mixture of tropical freshwater, marine, coldwater, conservation, aquatic plants, general aquatic, places to visit and aquatic cryptozoological features.

But TAG is not just about articles, part of its aim is also to support aquatic groups and Societies and as such offers your Secretary a 'free page' to tell us all about you on our 'Make Friends' section and/or a chance to place news of forthcoming events in ‘Diary Dates’.

Budding writers and photographers' please note that your chance is here to contribute (just drop an e-mail to aquarium gazette at One published article, gratefully received, originally came to us in pencil so don't worry about the format etc.

TAG is a lively and informative magazine with plenty of interest for both experienced and novice fishkeepers.

The Format

The Aquarium Gazette is available, on a bi-monthly basis, in both Word 2000 and PDF formats (the PDF version is suitable for downloading to the e-books hardware; - although the photographs will be in black and white).

Both the Word 2000 and PDF formats are burned onto disc while the PDF version can also be e-mailed directly to your computer.

Details of how to order your copy and cost etc. can be found on our ‘How to order’ page.


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